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Predator- FY04 Squadron Operations Facility

Project Description


Mr. Lagomarsino was the Project Manager for the USAF's first Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, (UAV), Hangar. Responsibilities include Project Architect, Lead designer, Production supervisor, long distance coordinator, and email management/web coordination.

The entire Predator Maintenance complex has received 4 national design citation awards.

2006 Air Combat Command,USAF Level Best Built Design Citation

This 69,000 square foot, $24,000,000 Squadron Operations Facility included operational offices, supply support facilities and a long span hangar with 250' span hangar doors on both sides of the facility. The hangar will house 12 MQ-1 Predator aircraft and 9 MQ-9, the larger UAV.

The project was a unique blend of production involving the USACOE Albuquerque District as the client administrator for the USAF and the production for the Mechanical, Plumbing and Fire Protection. Merrick provided the other design discipline services including Architecture, Structural, Civil and Electrical. Mr Lagomarsino managed the team and was able to bring the design to bid for 2% under Budget.

Air Combat Command was very satisfied with the "out of the box" style of design and has asked that the Hangar design be submitted to Headquarters for review for design awards.

At least two people's first reactions were "Thats the best looking hangar I've ever seen." So why should quality award winning design be scoffed at as expensive, or not for buildings like hangars? All genres deserve quality design and forethought.

Squadron Operations AMU Hangar
2006 USAF Level, Best Built Design Citation
Squadron Operations AMU Hangar

2006 USAF, Air Combat Command Level, Best Built Design Citation.

Squadron Operations AMU Hangar
2005 National Council of Structural Engineers Structural Design Excellence Citation
Predator Maintenance Complex
2005 USAF, Air Combat Command Level, Best Facility Design Citation.

This facility was modeled and animated in both 3D Studio and Bryce.

The animation is included in this presentation cd.

The structure sliding into place was an impressive feat.

Hand renderings are pretty accurate (Rendering by Kent Blair)
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