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"Confessions in a Crown Vic" Second Edition is here!

Written vocabulary of America, The companion to his Image survey:

"Confessions in a Crown Vic" is the story of professional displacement during the Great Recession, an Architect as Cab driver, while seeking Architecture work. It contains the last interview with Paolo Soleri, the late visionary Urban design architect, and the traffic engineer, Louis Lagomarsino, for Phoenix's highways, and the author’s passengers’ marginalization for their lack of a car. It’s a journey through an Architect’s life, beginning with schooling, travels, design, internship, and practices in many genres of clientele from private to public projects for the U.S.P.S., U.S.A.F., and  the U.S.A.C.O.E. It takes us through different cities and urban configurations. But most of all it takes us through history’s cycles of political change, the semantics of their origins, the delivery of designs, and the affects of expansion and colonialist attitude’s in America.

It’s a critique of Urban Sprawl, and the irrationality of relying on housing starts to determine a healthy economy. It examines Keynesian versus Classical economics, comparing them with the events of the last “American” century. He illuminates the American Dream’s unsustainable promise to even its poorest citizens, considering whether we can still re-materialize that dream out of its current mythological existence.  Is this dream for everyone? Can we grow a culture based on the automobile and a limited fossil fuel economy? It challenges this dream’s configuration, while placing a heavy burden of responsibility for our economic demise on its mythical component, the greed that drove it, and the Sprawl that has burdened it.

Cover image is a painting I did that speaks of the common man,its a pun on Plato's World of being and the World of becoming.

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http://www.confessionsinacrownvic.com/ https://books.litfirepublishing.com/product/confessions-in-a-crown-vic-a-commentary-on-the-american-dream-second-edition/


The Fire Escape. A Visual Survey. Second Edition.

Cocoa FL- Press: Release Inspired by his photography that comes out more as abstract art rather than real photographs, author Peter Lagomarsino takes readers into an aesthetic journey through the American landscape, focusing on the component details of the urban community with his new Second edition of The Fire Escape

Mr. Lagomarsino shows a shadow of physical humanity by visiting the forms of fire escapes from twelve American cities and different regions. Specifically, it is a survey of a component which is really an architectural afterthought. Fire escapes in particular, present an imagery that are a multifunctional element; not only did they represent unique light and shadow forms in juxtaposed Cartesian coordinates, they also represented an element in architecture that was there accidentally as a legislative band-aid that became a part of the American urban environment whether it was wanted or not.

Taking photographs of fire escapes from 25 different cities all over and from every corner of the lower United States,  Lagomarsino surmised that civil and industrial leaders placed more value on their own profit in the creation of industrial spaces, than the lives of the many workers inside their capitalist machine, leaving legislators to come to the rescue with an external solution, and one surprisingly very unique in architecture. They speak of being the savior in an impending doom, and do so in shadows of light with mirrored reflections seen in complex overlapping Cartesian coordinates.

This book shows the beauty of urban forms and their value as well as the errors of a sprawling never ending sub urbanity. The Fire Escape is truly enlightening as it does not only focus on the aesthetic value of architecture, but also brings to light how humanity is regarded through their structures forms.

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www.thatfireescapebook.com https://books.litfirepublishing.com/product/the-fire-escape-a-visual-survey-second-edition/


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