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Independent Painter, Photographer, Architectural Designer

After the dissolution of A3D Studios in 2001 with partner Brian Buckley, (now Kamazar Productions), Mr. Lagomarsino formed Animated Visions Industries which became UrbanFormsStudios today. This animating and MultiMedia venture expanded into painting, photography, model photography and BIM consulting, as well as recently the upcoming publication of his new book, (see below).

During the Great Recession, Mr. Lagomarsino has decided to solicit his artistic talent directly to the open market as well as through associations with other firms. This affords him more independent freedom to express artistic vision, only limited by a client's comfort zone.

Four ventures are being pursued. Photgraphy, Abstract Painting, Architectural / BIM Consulting, and Authoring. See below for their explanations and directions.


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An architectural survey of the status of the American downtown and the urban fabric found there.

Images focused on creating and finding unique compositions in built form.
I look for three dimensional forms in our cities with a set of unique Carteisan coordinates juxtaposed and flattened onto a canvas. Sometimes they may seem busy, not the typical symmetrical imagery, but they are an ephemeral feeling of beauty that somehow evokes a WOW.

Using emotive means and raw feelings, my paintings are created at times of pure emotion purposed of animating human conditions into canvas and forms. The critical importance is that of derived or expressed emotion, not just strokes of paint, but placed on the canvas with a Raison D'etra, temporal and recorded states frozen in time.
Architecture Custom designs based on real meanings and calculated proportions. Genesis of forms derived by actual functional form lexicons. Not just whimsical creative ideas without basisThe intent is to build a form of materials and encapsulate the meanings of the function. A working form follows functions devoid of typical stereotypes for spaces and materials found in generic design firms.

"Confessions in a Crown Vic A commentary on the American Dream" 12/12/12. Its about recession displaced Phoenix Architect as cab driver, who interviews  passengers and Paolo Soleri on urban sprawl and the unsustainable American Dream becoming a distant myth.

"Urban Forms As Art Volume I- The Visual Survey of the American Fire Escape." Just Released 9/4/10. A look at the aesthetic of a form in architecure that happened as an accident really, and one that is quite stunning if you stop to consider it. The promotions for the book will be here: http://www.urbanformsasart-fireescape.com

Revit/BIM 3D Architecture is inherantly 3D. I design in 3D and have since Revit 2 and Architectural desktop were the first ahead of their time BIM.