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My Abstract Paintings:

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My Abstract Paintings:

I derive, I emote, and brush only touches canvas with feeling. Never Else.

Emotive means and raw feelings, paintings, for me, are created at times of pure emotion likened to manic or depressive extreme states for the soul purpose of animating human conditions into canvas, and meaningful form. They can be direct and objective like letters, or subjective and allusive, but evoking something you know. The critical importance is never paint unless I feel it. They are of derived or expressed emotion, not just strokes of paint, but placed on the canvas with a Raison D'etra, temporal and recorded states frozen in time.

They represent true ephemeral abstract things, and are what is felt, by me, during those times. They are all usually in a mold of where the collective unconscious would want them to be, and like alot of other artists would say, there is no real right or wrong, they just are. Things happen when they do for a reason, and are not random. Check out the paintings in the new gallery and see. This page is intended to bring Urban Forms to the forefront of our recognition as artistic imagery. Whether this collective status is ready for my art only be hoped. The "they" in life exists as us and we can affect it just as much as anyone else.

Architect as Painter: As an architect I hope to capture paintings that have linear forms with abstracted free flowing forms, albeit not within the constraints of building codes. These are my forms of creativity









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