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An architectural survey of the status of the American downtown and the urban fabric found there.

Images focused on creating and finding unique compositions in built form.
I look for three dimensional forms in our cities with a set of unique Carteisan coordinates juxtaposed and flattened onto a canvas. Sometimes they may seem busy, not the typical symmetrical imagery, but they are an ephemeral feeling of beauty that somehow evokes a WOW.

Symmetry Vs. Asymmetry, A lot of my better shots come from an intuitive impulse to capture an image at that moment, without intentional planning. When I see that unique combination I hit the shutter. Prolonged staging somehow diminishes the effect that comes from a universality which is allusive. Beauty is there, but best  seen naively, unedited. We must act fast to capture it when its shows itself.

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REVISED LEXICON. The existing built forms in our cities stimulate our creativity. They were once the timely order of the day, or even a progressive display of what was then innovative. We must recognise these forms as they sit in front of us yearning to be popular again. I hope to capture these forms on a flat digital or film canvas and treat them as geometric paintings of our built environment.

NEW URBAN ICONS  My approach to architecture and the art of photography is to capture connection, detail, component, change, and basic form that is used to create -or even- destroy popular Urbanity. Somehow I am drawn to the complexity of multiple cartesian grids in forms, placed together. Practice of architecture, is a search for timely, or more importantly, relevant urban form, a universal beauty allusive on all levels. Much like photography, architecture is temporal. Placed and frozen in time. I seek relevant forms frozen in my camera. It takes an open mind to appreciate these forms as they may seem ordinary and trite, yet they are a tectonic based form lexicon intended to evoke emotion to the viewer.  I hope to capture this urban transition for all through my photography.









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